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Cladding & Paneling

Paneling for walls and partitions is done for aesthetics, lower maintenance, and to create focus areas. There can be many Paneling types like stone cladding, cladding tiles & glass wall panels. Other cladding materials may include veneered & laminated ply wood paneling, painted ply panel, fabric & leather wall panels. Most of these are cost, time and labour intensive works.

When You Need Cladding and Paneling Work

Wall panelling can either be done on the interior or the exterior of a building or house. Originally, wall panelling was used to make stone rooms more comfortable to live in. The panels were placed to create insulation between the stone wall and the room itself. Interior wall panelling is still used for this reason, but it serves mainly as decoration.

These days, exterior wall panelling has become quite popular and is commonly adopted in the construction of new, modern buildings. There are several reasons why wall panels are being used more and more. The use of wall panels in construction can ensure a cutback in building costs: when panels are placed ‘on top’ of a building’s frame, other efforts such as painting or applying finishes are no longer necessary. The result is an even and consistent look. Sometimes wall panelling can even replace a complete wall.

Wall panels can be constructed in new modern building designs or they can be used to improve an existing building. In both cases, wall panelling can increase the aesthetic appeal of the building. This can be profitable when leasing or renting, or perhaps to create a professional and businesslike image for potential clients.

What Services We Offer

Moreover, as a consumer perspective, we provide all the facilities to make your house or office looks the best ever. And because we consider ourselves the best provider of Home & Office Cladding and Paneling Services in Vasundhara Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR.

We offer all cladding and paneling services for both Residential Home and Commercial Offices.Our some services are :-

  • Exterior Wall Cladding Work

  • PVC Panel Work

  • Aluminium Slider and Windows

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